Groups with exercise/training facilities

Painting courses, yoga weekends, retreat weeks, multi-day meetings, cooking workshops, it's all possible. But our specialty lies in the field of music, for which we have various resources in-house. Ideal for musicians who don't want to take all their heavy gear with them to the Dordogne.

In brief

For the stay of the participants you have 5 spacious gîtes at your disposal, all of which are equipped with a few bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Bed linen, kitchen linen and bath towels are all included in the price. We are happy to discuss the composition of your party with you in advance so that we can adjust the beds accordingly.

With a group size of 12 people or more, you rent the entire location. You then use the 5 gtes and you have access to various rooms. If the group is smaller than 12 people, you can adjust the number of gtes to the size of your group, but that depends on the activities you have in mind. So please contact us in advance if you are planning activities on the estate but do not want to rent all gîtes. You can of course always rent the entire location for smaller groups.

Because you are busy all day, you may not want to have to take care of the food. We can provide all meals for you, but you can also choose to arrange it yourself (great for cooking workshops!)

It is also important to know that our rich environment offers you many options for your free hours. Click here for more information.

Below you will find more information in detail, but if you want to get information about the prices first click here.


The 5 gîtes (for group activities) have a total of 24 sleeping places spread over 12 spacious bedrooms, 11 on the first floor, 1 on the ground floor. That comes down to:

3 single rooms (of which 2 with a double bed)

6 double rooms

3 triple rooms

For groups larger than 12 people, you can rent the entire estate. If your group is smaller than 24 people, then naturally more people can sleep alone.

Click here for more photos of the gîtes.

(If your group is larger, we can arrange more sleeping places with our competitors within walking distance)


Meals can be provided by us. We prepare some of it ourselves. Think of a Cocque au Vin, an Indian meal or Barbecue. Another part comes from caterers from our village, from Montignac or from Terrasson. That will be Confit de Canard, French pizzas from Chez Les Garçons, Civet d'Oie, etc. We will then set up one of our spaces as a restaurant. Please let us know in advance any dietary requirements.

But you can also get started yourself. The five kitchens are all equipped with a refrigerator, microwave/oven, electric 4-burner stove, pots, pans, cooking utensils and so on.

Practice/training rooms

Two of the 5 gtes have very large living rooms (48 m2) on the ground floor that can be used for meetings, rehearsals, etc. Three other rooms are located outside the residential building. It concerns rooms of 64 m2, 45 m2 and 330 m2 (!). And if the temperature allows it, there are also two shelters of 56 m2. (Abri: 3 walls and one roof). The nice thing about the bus shelters is that you are outside, but the sound stays with you and does not dissipate. Especially for courses/training and meetings with a large group, this is a great advantage over sitting in the open air.

The following applies to musicians. The rooms are equipped with equipment. We have various sound installations, a Viscount stage piano, a Fender Rhodes, (bass) guitar amplifiers, a drum kit, etc. (see below for a complete overview). The rehearsal rooms have excellent acoustics and are therefore also suitable for unplugged music and vocals.

And, if you wish, we can arrange for you to perform nearby and at a closing concert in our courtyard or in our main hall. We have a delivery van for the transport of instruments and equipment. For examples of what has already happened with us, click here.

But it may also be that you want to go home with a demo. We have excellent recording equipment and your host has enough experience to make something beautiful with you.



  • Stage PA Behringer 16 channels
  • Stage PA Lem 8 channels
  • Monitor Lem
  • Stereo mixer Boss BX-80, 8 channels
  • Stereo mixer Peavey PV6, 6 channels
  • Micros
    • 4 Shure super 5
    • 1 Sennheiser MD 21 U
    • 1 Shure PG 58
    • 1 Shure SM 58
    • 2 AKG 2000 S
  • Guitar Amplifier Fender FM 212R
  • Guitar Amplifier Fender Champion 110
  • Street amplifier, Nobel's Streetman 10
  • Bass Amplifier Behringer BXL3000A
  • drum kit
    • snairs
    • Cl Tom
    • Gr Tom
    • base drum
    • Zildjian cymbals
  • Stage Piano Viscount
  • Keyboard Roland X10
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Effect Devices
    • Boss Guitar Effects Processor
    • Alesis MidiVerb 4 Digital Effects Processor
  • Various lecterns
  • Various microphone stands
  • Studio Behringer 16 channel recording table


Visual arts

  • various table easels
  • 8 easels
  • 6 waterproof plywood planks
  • Sponges



  • Various spots
  • Directional Microphones
  • Various clothes
  • Mirrors



  • projector
  • Screen
  • Flipchart
  • Whiteboard